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E-Bike training

Baptism And-Bike

Raced destined to the holders of And-Bike or to any curious that is wanted to lean out to this electrifying world. We will be wrong if we compared a modern And-Bike to a normal MTB: from the distribution of the weights until to every single component of his all is studied and optimized for making to the best in a similar context but at the same different time to a muscular MTB. This requires therefore a technique of different guide and an accurate maintenance of the mean. This course has the purpose to understand to the best the demands of ours And-Bike, to be able to exploit to the best of it the mechanics, to save on the consumption of the battery and to optimize our guide in relationship to the mean.

E-Bike to the best!

Course destined to whom wants to exploit all the tied up potentialities to the and-bike. We will face a set-up of until of the mean, acting both on the suspensions and, if him and-bike allows him/it, on the configuration of the motor through the softwares furnished from the various manufacturing houses. We will devote a lot of part of the time to understand the differences of guide in comparison to a muscular MTB and accordingly we will deepen the specialized management for the and-bike. We will begin to see the runs with "eye from and-bike", looking for new slopes and very binding runs with the muscular MTB.