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fioritura ciliegie pecetto

Cherries: Pecetto’s passion

For over a hundred years, in Pecetto, a village in the Turin Hill, lives the cherry tradition. It was in 1915 that the then mayor Mario Mogna officially established the cherry market. Our path will lead you to experience the beauty of cherry blossoms in April and to taste the passion fruit in June, during the harvest, in its most delicious combination: chocolate!

bianche pievi monferrato

White pievi of 1000 century

A ride through vineyards, centuries-old lime trees, ancient villages in tufa and coppi, to discover the splendid hillside panoramas of Monferrato where ancient millenaries are kept, almost small “pagan” temples dedicated to the saints who protected the fragile rural economy.

vista collina superga

Superga: the unexpected hill

A stonesthrow from the historical center in Turin the hill of Superga almost hides a small bike-park, a sharp pain net of amusing paths, to lines even adrenalici, in degree to also satisfy the “palates” of the most demanding bikers. And a panorama that won’t be able whether to bewitch you.

River history

Necessity and virtue, as we know, are often a source of ingenuity; and what has happened in the Canavese territory since ancient times with the creation of a dense network of canals, essential – at the time of their construction as they are today – for the agricultural production of the rice fields.