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fioritura ciliegie pecetto

Cherries: Pecetto’s passion

For over a hundred years, in Pecetto, a village in the Turin Hill, lives the cherry tradition. It was in 1915 that the then mayor Mario Mogna officially established the cherry market. Our path will lead you to experience the beauty of cherry blossoms in April and to taste the passion fruit in June, during the harvest, in its most delicious combination: chocolate!

The origin of the cherry is very ancient: the Romans, in particular Pliny the Elder, imported it from the current Turkey to Rome in 72 BC. and its culture spread rapidly throughout the empire. Also in the Turin Hills the cherry culture was introduced by the Romans in their colony Carreum Potentia. They were then the Savoy and the Camaldolese hermits who spread it in the area of ​​Pecetto, with two very different purposes: the first as a reference to the birds in their hunts, while the hermits as a base for jams and liqueurs.

The turning point for the territory of Pecetto was at the end of the 1800s when a disease hit the prosperous vineyards: Mario Mogna found in cherry a valid alternative to monoculture of the vine, from which the cherry market of Pecetto came out in 1915 and the cherry became the passion of these lands.

Bike And Bed offers two tours in concurrence of two basic steps in the production of cherries: the flowering and the final stage of maturation. In April we will immerse ourselves in the cherry trees in bloom to admire the landscape and experience the explosion of the hill that dresses up with lace with cherry blossoms. In June we will live the harvest festival and the combination with chocolate: the real passion of cherry!

Ambi the tours will end with tasting of the typical products of Pecetto with heavenly pairings proposed by the chocolate masters of the Antica Cioccolateria Artigiana Croci that since 1930 delights its customers with unique delicacies.

Starting from Piazza del Mercato delle Ciliege in Pecetto (TO), the panoramic itinerary will wind up on the gentle hills of the place, amid splendid landscapes and cherry trees. Essential stop at AgricooPecetto where we will taste BIO products.

Tour description:

  • Distance: 15 km
  • Ascent: 260 m
  • Terrain: 60% unpaved, 40% tarmac

Hilly path through dirt roads and single track, suitable for everyone.

The meeting and arrival will be at the Piazza del Mercato delle Ciliegie in Pecetto (TO).

Bed And Bike can provide, on specific request, the rental of muscular and / or pedal assisted MTB (e-bike). At the time of booking indicate the maximum size desired and will be provided the cost of the rental.

If you wish to stay the night before the tour, which will take place during the day, Bed And Bike can book for you an overnight stay at one of the affiliated facilities.

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  • 06th April 2019
  • 08th April 2019


  • 03th June  2019
  • 07th June  2019
  • 08th June  2019
  • 09th June  2019

Price per person

40 € per person


Guided tour with a MTB Guide

Not Included

MTB or e-bike rent



MTB and e-bike rent

Transfer from nearby airport and railway station