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bianche pievi monferrato

White pievi of 1000 century

A ride through vineyards, centuries-old lime trees, ancient villages in tufa and coppi, to discover the splendid hillside panoramas of Monferrato where ancient millenaries are kept, almost small "pagan" temples dedicated to the saints who protected the fragile rural economy.

The late Romanesque church of San Pietro in the central square of the small village of Olivola, is the starting point of this tour in the hills of Monferrato, which offers views and glimpses of rare beauty all year round, but which become magical in the early hours of day and late afternoon, when approaching dusk.

From the central square of the village, going a few hundred meters through the narrow streets of the village, you reach the picturesque Pieve di San Pietro, whose bell tower stands austere from the top of the hill, the first opportunity for a short stop.
A short ride through the streets of Olivola, in the middle of the houses built in "pietra da cantone", allows you to reach the road that - winding through centuries-old cedars, vines and woods - leads to the lower part of the village of Ottiglio.
Arrived in front of the seventeenth-century parish church dedicated to Sant'Eusebio, turn into a path that, climbing through the vineyards, leads to the rural church of San Gottardo; a saint today "unusual" (the protector from hail!) but not in a subsistence economy based on agriculture, as it once was in these rural areas, since the bad weather constituted a real scourge. It is no coincidence that the church was built in the late nineteenth century by the inhabitants themselves.
From there, a picturesque and shady path leads to the "high spiny", a hamlet of Ottiglio, and then continue towards the seventeenth-century church of San Grato and finally to the sixteenth-century church of San Francesco that stands on top of the village of Sala Monferrato, and offers again the occasion of a short stop to enjoy enchanting views.
We plunged among the vineyards passing next to the ruins of the old sulphurous fountain and the "hemp stamps" of Treville (circular ditches dug into the ground and used for the maceration of hemp seedlings that were grown in the area), reaching the white Romanesque parish church of San Quirico and then reach the top of the village, among the most scenic places of Monferrato Casalese, in front of the eighteenth-century parish church of Sant'Ambrogio, placed, for those coming from the direction of Turin, a bulwark of the beautiful hills of Monferrato.
From Treville we will reach Valle Ghenza passing from the Savoia Region, Ozzano, and traveling along the "sparkling" single-track in the woods (suitable for everyone, as it offers various more or less adrenaline variations) and cycling through green meadows of the valley bottom reaches Moleto, home of the late Count Mola, guardian of the secret of the cave of the Saracens.
Two kilometers of paved road, located on the summit of the suggestive quarry of Moleto, in the shade of green limes, close the ring, leading back to the starting point of our tour: Olivola.

Starting from the square of Olivola you get to Ottiglio on a secondary asphalt road, and then reach Sala Monferrato through dirt roads. From here we continue to Treville on a tarmac road and then take a dirt road that leads to the village and then to the Savoie region, on asphalt, to enter a fun single track (with alternatives, from "medium demanding" to "easy") between woods that will take us to the Ghenza valley. Along the dirt road of the bottom of the valley we reach the village of Moleto and then return to Olivola on a paved road. The route can change according to weather conditions.

Tour description:

  • Distance: 35 km
  • Ascent: 800 m
  • Terrain: 55% unpaved, 45% tarmac

Hilly path through dirt roads and single track, suitable for everyone.

Meeting at the Borgo di OlivolaMeeting at the Borgo di Olivola (AL).

Bed And Bike can provide, on specific request, the rental of muscular and / or pedal assisted MTB (e-bike). At the time of booking indicate the maximum size desired and will be provided the cost of the rental.

If you wish to stay the night before the tour, which will take place during the day, Bed And Bike can book for you an overnight stay at one of the affiliated facilities.

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30th March 2019

27th April 2019

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40 € per person


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MTB and e-bike rent

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