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moleto monferrato valle dei frati

The valley of the monks and cave of the Saracens

The itinerary, which leads to one of the most secluded and evocative valleys of the Monferrato Casalese, starts from the top of the village of Rosignano, from where - looking towards the south-west - one can see the hill of San Germano, on whose slopes there is the "Monks valley".

The excursion, suitable for everyone, is developed on a journey of about 20 km; an evocative route not only for the extraordinary panoramic views, but also for the historical events that occurred and the legends that are still narrated on these valleys.
From Rosignano we descend into the narrow, wooded Carcanara, a narrow valley that separates the Monferrato village from Cella Monte, two villages so close that the inhabitants joked about it with phrases like "from Rsgnan to Sela at the frisco la padela" (from Rosignano and Cella Monte feel fry the pan), or even "From Sela a 'Rsgnan at the pores given the man" (from Cella Monte to Rosignano you can give your hand).
After about two kilometers and a steep slope you reach the Savoia village, a hamlet of Ozzano; immediately at the beginning of the inhabited area there is the entrance of a fun single-track that gives a parenthesis of adrenaline leading, through woods and vineyards, in the valley bottom between Coppi and Cella Monte.
Covering about 4 km of quiet country roads lapped by very orderly vineyards of barbera, grignolino and freisa, the typical vines of these hills, you reach the Big Bench, the "large bench" of Sala Monferrato, located in a point from which the panorama repays any effort.
From here you can catch your breath along the two km of paved road that separate the characteristic village of Ottiglio and after having walked through the narrow streets, typical of medieval villages often still intact - in their urban layout - in many countries of Monferrato, you climb up for a short climb up to a crossroads that is - finally - the "gateway" of the Valle dei Frati.
Daydreaming about the legends of brigands, treasures and caves that revolve around this evocative natural hermitage we will arrive in the verdant Valle Ghenza, homeland of the monferrato white truffle, valley whose name derives from the adjective "ghezzo" (dark complexion) to witness the ancient Moresca presence in the area.
Looking up to the north of the town of Rosignano, it reminds us that it is time to head for "home", enjoying a peaceful 4 km ride through meadows, rii and woods.

It starts from the square of Rosignano Monferrato and descends along a secondary asphalt road, and then continue on the dirt road at the bottom of the valley that leads to another paved road, until you reach the Savoia region. From here we will continue descending to the valley from a fun single track (with alternatives, from "medium difficult" to "easy") between vineyards and woods and then reach Ottiglio along dirt roads (depending on weather conditions), then again on asphalt until at the entrance to the valley of the friars. From there, first on a dirt road, then on a dirt road, we will cross the valley to reach the asphalt road of the Ghenza that will take us back to Rosignano. Alternatively, if the ground conditions allow it, you can take another dirt road.

Tour description:

  • Distance: 20 km
  • Ascent: 250 m
  • Terrain: 70% unpaved, 30% tarmac

Hilly path through dirt roads and single track, suitable for everyone.

The meeting will be at Rosignano Monferrato (AL), a few days before the excursion will communicate the exact place of the meeting.

Bed And Bike can provide, on specific request, the rental of muscular and / or pedal assisted MTB (e-bike). At the time of booking indicate the maximum size desired and will be provided the cost of the rental.

If you wish to stay the night before the tour, which will take place during the day, Bed And Bike can book for you an overnight stay at one of the affiliated facilities.

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26th April 2019

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40 € per person


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MTB and e-bike rent

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