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vista collina superga

Superga: the unexpected hill

A stonesthrow from the historical center in Turin the hill of Superga almost hides a small bike-park, a sharp pain net of amusing paths, to lines even adrenalici, in degree to also satisfy the "palates" of the most demanding bikers. And a panorama that won't be able whether to bewitch you. 

Often us biker we make kilometers and kilometers in the tortuous roads of mountain or hill to reach spectacular single-track and to discover panoramas mozzafiato. Let's not wait for there some that a stonesthrow from the historical center of the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy, Turin, dominated from the Basilica of Superga, a sharp pain be found net of delicious paths, from the fanciful names, and in degree to satisfy the "palates" of the most demanding bikers!

Instead departing from the center in Turin, after having tasted a good coffee and a creamy Gianduiotto (one of the glories subalpine!), we will begin to climb toward the "sanctuary to open sky" of the Basilica of Superga, that he/she saw to be consumed the tragedy in the Great Turin in the by now far 4 May of the 1949. Of it will be only there the desire to pedal and the energy that we have in the legs, to condition our choices to reach her/it "our peak": roads mixed excavated / asphalt in the innumerable parks or absorbed paths in the woods with lines, wanting, also binding in the slope, both for the effort and for the technique of guide.

The Basilica of Superga, that Turin dominates from the tall one, offers a panorama that, in the clear days, it allows to push the look up to the legendary Sacred of St. Michael, to the doors of the Val Susa.

Such a beautiful panorama to be been almost "mystical" and that it makes to race the thought to the Great Turin, Italian excellence to which he is not able not to devote a moment of concentration before bathing in the cobweb of paths that the hill covers, crossing more times the Panning of Superga, road that in him in the years '70 were theater of clandestine competitions of auto.

Inebriated by the variety of the runs and by the beauty of the places, the descent be begun toward the capital sabauda crossing the mythical paths 600, Corkscrew and so many others!

Again reaches Turin, it covers of obligation for an appetizer in one of the so many historical places of the center or to taste the so many varieties of ethnic food that it proposes a city become indeed by now cosmopolitan.

Starting from the center of Turin, we will begin our journey that will lead us to immerse ourselves in the nature of the neighboring hill from the noble first capital of Italy.

Depending on the conditions of the territory and the level of the bikers, we will opt for the best route that will allow us to reach the Basilica di Superga.

The maze of paths that plow the hill, will give satisfaction at the level of cycling and scenic, before plunging down towards the center of the Savoy world.

Tour description:

  • Distance: 20/25 km
  • Ascent: 400 m
  • Terrain: 85% unpaved, 15% tarmac

Hilly path through dirt roads and single tracks, except the first part that leads from the center to the foot of the hill.

This tour is suitable for cyclists with a search for familiarity with the vehicle.

The meeting and arrival will be in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Turin, in the heart of the city.

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is easily accessible by train, for those arriving by car, we recommend parking in the Royal Gardens area.

Bed And Bike can provide, on specific request, the rental of muscular and / or pedal assisted MTB (e-bike). At the time of booking indicate the maximum size desired and will be provided the cost of the rental.

If you wish to stay the night before the tour, which will take place during the day, Bed And Bike can book for you an overnight stay at one of the affiliated facilities.

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12th March 2019

15th April 2019

10th May 2019

Price per person

40 € per person


Guided tour with a MTB Guide

Not Included

MTB or e-bike rent



MTB and e-bike rent

Transfer from nearby airport and railway station