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River history

Necessity and virtue, as we know, are often a source of ingenuity; and what has happened in the Canavese territory since ancient times with the creation of a dense network of canals, essential - at the time of their construction as they are today - for the agricultural production of the rice fields.

The tour - suitable for everyone and that takes place mainly along white roads - starts along the Naviglio d'Ivrea, born in the mid-1400s to connect the city of Ivrea to that of Vercelli and a fundamental tool for the supply of water for the paddies. In the course of the path then crosses the Canale Depretis: also born at the end of 1700 with the same purpose of providing water to the rice-makers; originally it was called Canale di Cigliano, but later took the name of the president of the Council of Ministers (Agostino Depretis) who wanted its expansion.

The tour concludes where the Cavour Canal was born, in Chivasso in the Po riverbed, a 83 km long channel that extends far from Ticino. The stop in Chivasso is an opportunity to taste the ancients (almost like the Cavour Canal) "Nocciolini di Chivasso". Born at the beginning of the 1800s by the pastry chef Giovanni Podio who united the hazelnuts of Piedmont with sugar and egg white, the Nocciolini were patented in 1904 and brought to the Universal Expositions of Paris, first and Turin, then.

Departure from Villareggia (TO), we will drive along the roads that border the Naviglio d'Ivrea first, then the Canale De Pretis and then reach Chivasso where the Cavour Canal is born.

Tour description:

  • Distance: 30 km
  • Ascent: 100 m
  • Terrain: 85% unpaved, 15% tarmac

Hilly path through dirt roads and single track, suitable for everyone.

The meeting will be at Villareggia (TO), in the days before the departure we will communicate the exact address.

Bed And Bike can provide, on specific request, the rental of muscular and / or pedal assisted MTB (e-bike). At the time of booking indicate the maximum size desired and will be provided the cost of the rental.

If you wish to stay the night before the tour, which will take place during the day, Bed And Bike can book for you an overnight stay at one of the affiliated facilities.

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16th March 2019

05th April 2019

13th May 2019

24th June 2019

Price per person

40 € per person


Guided tour with a MTB Guide

Not Included

MTB or e-bike rent



MTB and e-bike rent

Transfer from nearby airport and railway station